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Steinway M 1995 Rosewood.



$31500             Cat   0119350     (1995 Rosewood polyester, perfect)



Steinway S 1993 Mahogany Polyester  



$32,250             Cat   0119100     (1993 mahogany polyester, perfect)



Steinway A early.




$26,700            Cat  0122500     (brand new black poly case finish, good internal WIP*)

Steinway A early.



$53,900            Cat  0129900     (1900 full rebuild and as brand new has a new black                                                                                              polyester case finish, perfect)


Steinway O 1930.



$24,500              Cat  0119800     (1930 original mahogany case, excellent)


Steinway C.



$69,500              Cat  0145900      (c1900, full rework and as brand new, excellent)

Bluthner 6.  1990



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