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Kaps is amongst the world’s finest instrument makers endowed with a reputation for fine craftsmanship & excellence.  For many years the name of Kaps has proudly been attributed with a bounty of vibrancy, innovation & tonal éclat that has made Kaps pianos the choice & inspiration of many great & world class musicians since 1858.

Designers of fine piWouldanos

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It was Ernst Kaps belief that building an international class instrument of quality, tonal perfection & warmth should be possible for all.

The aim to build a top class instrument that exceeds expectation, while still making it available to everyone is our inspiration, something we believe we have now achieved with this exceptional range of fabulous pianos. 





Established in 1858 by Ernst Kaps Pianofortefabrik

The house of Kaps offers a strong 20 year warranty and reassuring buy back promise* guaranteeing your investment for years to come!


Enjoy our video of the KAPS Model C 6ft 1" Grand Piano in High Quality on your sound system


Ph: 1300 88 08 74

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