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Kaps in Action

Kaps in action
Because we know that not everyone has the luxury of time or access to a quality piano specialist, we have produced a recording for your pleasure on the Model C Kaps grand piano.
This has been done using the best available recording equipment, as used by the BBC & ABC.
We have taken the care to not alter or make any modification or improvement to the true sound balance, in order for you to be able to hear and see our pianos as faithfully as is possible.  
Although we highly recommend the use of a good quality sound system, if this is not available to you then we have found that monitor quality headphones do work well.
The brilliant tonal quality & careful even balance between the upper & lower registers, that you can hear, is Ernst Kaps!
Enjoy !

Model C KAPS 186



Arabeque Short Sound Clip

Enjoy this ultra high quality recording short sound clip of Arabesque

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