A J Stein


Why wait ? Experience the exitment and luxury of a beautiful hand built upright or grand piano in your home now!

We have worked very hard to be able to bring you the most competetive deal on both price and terms for pianos.  As a manufacturer and direct importer, we now represent A J Stein Pianos.  These are not available at any store in Australia in order to be able to bring you a constant and competitive price.


Only available directly from us, these hand built German designed pianos are made with the finest materials and have a superb touch and tone.


Two models are being produced at the moment, the 152 Elegance grand piano, which has the luxury of the Ernst Kaps Action enabling playing standard up to grade 8 degree & level & the 121 upright piano, perfect up to grade 8 ABRSM.  Both carry a 15 year warranty. 


We were blown away, Jean yelled with excitement when they took the packaging off.  Just looks amazing and sounds just so good in our new studio!  Delivery took forever but it was totally worth it!  Thank you so much and will recommend anyone.

R & J  Sheehan  Bondi NSW   Dec 2013



Thank you for the pianos

Hydro Majestic Hotel Blue Mountains NSW  Nov 2014



Just wanted to let you know that my piano has been delivered and it is magnificent!  David did a really good job, and I'm very happy with it.  Thanks again for all your efforts Phil, very much appreciated.

Cheers Moira M  Windsor Qld  May 2014



The piano looks amazing.  Thanks
Mike D Lennox Head NSW

I apologise I have been away and not had a chance to see the piano till now and it is fabulous thank you.
Renae D,  Lennox Head NSW  Feb 2015



We are just loving the piano.  Our tuner Mike Hendy has been tonight for a second tuning so it’s tip top.  (think he’s impressed)  The long wait was worth it & the unveiling memorable…  Red ribbons and all!!!  What a gorgeous touch.  Bess has had a soiree till 4am so taste of things to come.  Even scales give pleasure!  Thanks Phil for this experience.  Regards, Mary.

Mary N,  Box Hill Vic Apr 2014



The piano finally arrived on Saturday as scheduled with Powells and we are absolutely delighted

Mark from Powells was wonderful and set it all up beautifully.

Cassandra H   Berwick Vic Feb 2015



The piano tuner has been here and we are both impressed how 

good the piano sounds.  It is generally warm and mellow and the bass

carries a good, full sound.

Klause V   Tumbarumba NSW  Nov 2014



Fantastic mate, were now able to hold our live events its created the dynamic we've been looking for and its simply an amazing sound, its been so easy for miking up and so many people who play on it comment on it and cant believe how good it is to play

Rob P  Byron Vibes Federal NSW  Nov 2014




We really appreciate everything youve done, the piano is great and now we dont have any difficulty when Tracey practises, its a real pleasure to hear Thank you

The Thompson Family Sydney NSW  Jan 2014









If you have bought an Ernst Kaps or A J Stein Piano and would like to add a comment,  please type this into the comment box below, we would be pleased to hear from you!

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Ernst Kaps Pianos


Ernst Kaps Piano Fabrik

Ernst Kaps Piano Fabrik AG a piano manufacturer founded in 1858 with the original piano factory at 20 to 22 seminarstrasse,Dresden, Germany .




The piano brand 'Kaps' or 'Ernst Kaps Pianofortefabrik' was founded and produced in Dresden Germany in 1858 by Ernest Wilhelm Kaps(1826-1887) Ernest Kaps was born on 6 December born in 1826 in chub ( Saxony). Kaps was appointed in 1879 as an Honorary member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. He died in 1887 succeeded by his sons Ernst Eugen(1864 to 1910 ) and Wilhelm Ernst (1872 to 1943), the company continued on at the Dresden factory until 1930. 



In 1876, the company exhibited at the World Exhibition in Philadelphia. In 1922, the company then known as 'Ernst Kaps Piano Fabrik AG' merged with another company, owned and founded by 'Johann Kuhse', who's piano manufacturing business was originally founded in 1874. In 1925 factory then known as the 'Kaps / Kuhse Pianoforte AG', both made piano brands alongside each other. Prior to the progress of the German Empire in 1871 'Kaps' acquired the title of purveyor of the kingdom of Saxony.

The Dresden factory ceased manufacture in 1930, and at this point the company had reported its final serial number as No. 37500. The name and ethos of the company ‘Kaps’ was revived in 2011 by an Australian owned business 'CAPP Imports', the company's founder, Philip Hamilton Shayer is a piano tuner and builder, who trained in England at the Leeds College of Music, who applied a number of designs and improvements to a series of pianos currently in production. Final production is within Australia, the materials are sourced from Germany, China & Japan. With the labour intensive construction remaining With their partner factor, final production is completed in Byron Bay Australia.

The Dresden factory produced 37,500 well-known pianos and grand pianos and from 1885 a consistent manufacture of 1000 pianos per year is noted. The table below shows the assignment of serial numbers to year of manufacture.



Ernst Kaps Pianos


Ernst Kaps Piano Fabrik

Ernst Kaps Piano Fabrik AG a piano manufacturer founded in 1858 with the original piano factory at 20 to 22 seminarstrasse,Dresden, Germany .





As mentioned,'this device served to give increased resonance to the thinner tones of the soprano and higher registers for a significant boost and timbre, while providing a more consistent and defined ratio between the sound levels'. 

Other similar and ingenious/radical inventions were patented by Ernst Eugen Kaps, these also included a device that extended the soundboard in to the grand piano lid!  Although revolutionary, most were not economically practical and sadly were not commercially produced.

Baby grand

In 1865, Kaps built the first double overstrung grand piano. Named ‘the system Kaps’ which referred to a triple bridge arrangement to aid the awkward scaling design, limited by the previously unsuccessful, small sized grand, which were only about 1.50 m long. These, at the time were characterised as having ‘solidity and durability of tone’ as well as mention of, ‘a lovely yet powerful sound for such a small piano’!  Essentially, previous attempts at producing a successful small grand piano failed until this time and subsequently, the Kaps Double overstrung 5ft grand piano, quickly became a revelation. Hailed as the first successful small grand produced, later known and promoted by another maker as ‘The baby grand piano’, launched ‘Kaps pianos’ in to commercial success.



The 'Kaps' Piano Supplied to Percy Grainger







PERCY GRAINGER learned to play on an upright parlour piano of Walnut veneer & ivory keys, made and supplied by Ernst Kaps of Dresden to Rose Grainger. He reported to have practiced on it for two hours a day, while his mother Rose Grainger, as his teacher, sat beside him. In 1895 the Graingers left for Germany when the piano was then sold to a Mr and Mrs Thomas P. Husband, who's family were also taught by Rose. They kept it for 40 years, before donating it to the Grainger Museum at the Melbourne University in 1935. The piano has now been restored and is housed on display at the 'Percy Grainger Museum Melbourne Australia' This piano was manufactured on or around March 1885, based on calculations derived from data available in Pierce Piano Atlas and Philip Shayer, current owner of the rights to Ernst Kaps Pianoforte.